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quotes and important content on why education matters for young women

Why Education Matters – quotes and important content on why education matters for young women

Educating our population will be more important than ever to the future of individuals as well as the competitiveness of our economy as a whole. Our website WhyEducationMatters.org  highlights the critical importance of education with a particular interest and focus on how women from around the world can get educated and enter professions in the fields of science, technology and business. 

This website will publish and aggregate content that matters to prospective female students to learn more about these subjects of study. 

We love quotes and photography.  So we are collecting current and historic quotes about education.  We display the quotes on a background of compelling photographic images.  

We invite you to contribute a quote of your choice to respond to the statement: Why Education matters.  Your contribution can reach and potentially inspire thousands of viewers. If you have a good background photo, we welcome that as part of your submission.

Our goal is to collect 1000 quotes regarding the value of education from around the world.  International Education Advantage, LLC, a digital media company, is the sponsor of this website.  If you have suggestions or questions, please contact whyedmatters@intead.com.

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